Probiotic Complex



WeightLogix Probiotic Complex


The Top Probiotic for Weight Loss


WeightLogix Probiotic Complex is designed using a unique 6 strain Probiotic blend to support intestinal balance and flora, support healthy digestion, and help protect the body from yeast, bacteria, free radicals, and other toxins.

Ingredients: The Probiotic Complex contains 6 strains of Probiotic including Coagulans, Bifidum, Rhamonsus, Acidophilus, and Casei as well as the patented DE111 Bubtills strain. Probiotics combined with Prebiotics and Inulin Fiber combine to give you a well-rounded Probiotic Complex.

Suggested Use: Probiotic Complex should be used 3 times daily. 1 capsule before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Combine With: The Probiotic Complex works best when combined with the 15 Day Detox and the Fiber Formula, and can be used with or added to the Natural Whey Protein. This product is an essential part of the cleansing phase of the Weight Loss for Life program.

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